Privacy Policy

We process your data only according to law regulations (DSGVO, TKG2003). In this privacy policy we inform you about the most important aspects of data processisng within our website. tries to store as much data as necessary and as little data as possible about you. All the data collected is required to offer the service. does not intend to collect demographic data or to identify single persons.

Communication with Us

If you send us an email, we store your data to be able to handle your request and for the case of follow up questions for six months. This data we do not share with anybody else.


We are logging the requsts to our web server for one week to be able to fix errors of our application and server infrastructure. These contain the following data:

  • User-Agent: i.e. browser type, browser version and operation system as sent by your browser
  • Referrer URL, i.e. on which sie was the link located, that did bring you to our site
  • IP address
  • Time and Date

We are also logging your requests on the application server for one hour for sole debugging reasons. These requsts do not contain IP Addresses, just time stamps and the request path.

Panoptikum does not use a web analytics service or a content delivery service. No data is transfered to any third parties.


This documentation website uses no cookies

Panoptikum uses a cookie to identify your session. It is called _pan_key and signed to be prevented from tampering. It contains the session, mostly a CSRF token and your user_id, in case you are logged in to be able to check, that you and only your browser sent the data.

Sessions are not stored on the server, so by deleting the cookie in your browser, all facts about your session are gone and you will have to login again.

A second cookie is set by the Podlove Webplayer on the episode show page to remember the play position in case you stop listening, leave the page and come back later. This cookie is not processed by the server.


API access is not handled via cookies, but with signed tokens, which only contain your user_id


During the registration you will be asked for an email address (required for password recovery), an user name (used for your reviews, comments and likes) and a password (for login). You can choose any user name as long as it has not been taken yet within Panoptikum.

Collected Data

Beside the information provided during registration, uses your uploaded subscription list (OPML file) to add podcasts to the podcast list. It stores and publishes that you are a subscriber of the podcast. stores and pulishes your reviews, comments and likes.

Data access self service

A data access self service is implemented. Registered users can manage their data stored at Panoptikum after the log in with the function My Data. My Data opens the page Account and offers all your data as a JSON-File with a Download button and shows you all your stored data. You can check what is stored the different areas and delete it per area. In the area itself you can either delete all entries or just individual entries. You find more information in the Listener Manual.

Your Rights

You have the right of information, correction, deletion, restriction transfer, cancellation and protest on principle. If you believe, that the processing of your data does not adhere to data privacy laws or your privacy demands are refused in any kind, you can complain at the local controlling institution. In Austria, this is Datenschutzbehörde.


You can contact us via:

Mag Stefan Haslinger
Vorgartenstrasse 145/2/3
1020 Wien, Austria

+43 680 213 3030